Raji Aujla


Age: 30
Ethnicity: Punjabi
Occupation and/or Company:
Creative Director, The Aujla Label (www.aujlathelabel.com)
Years of experience: 15 years

Personal & professional philosophy:
Personal: Listen to heart and do good
Professional: Listen to instinct and make a positive impact

Upcoming performances/ project:
We just had our show at Eco Fashion Week recently. Next up is a collaborative pop up that I’m hosting with some art friends in downtown Vancouver this summer where people can buy our merchandise. That pop up will be the official launch of my sister company called The Sikya Project, an organization that will build schools in poverty-ridden areas in third world countries. Sales from Aujla the Label support The Sikya Project.

What is the highlight of your work?
Everything from designing and doing what I love, connecting with the awesome people I get to meet and giving back, for example with the schools we get to build and the students who will be impacted. I’m in heaven :)

Future goals:
We want to help rebuild the school in Peshawar that was attacked last year where 145 people, mostly young students, lost their lives. This will be our first initiative outside India.